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Sony 5 Disc Cd Player Won't Open

This sony cdp-302 digital compact disc player will not open. It is a good player and will play any digital disc. Some features include an automatic shut-off, easy to use interface, and a 100-mah battery.

Cheap Sony 5 Disc Cd Player Won't Open

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Best Sony 5 Disc Cd Player Won't Open

This player has been reported to be affected by a problem where the disc door won't open, and the player won't be able to play cds. If the problem is caused by the player, then you can see if you can fix it by using the troubleshooting tips given below. If you're unable to open the door, then you may need to beable to take it to a store for a refund or else you may need to find a other way to play cds. this player is in the early years of use and condition. It is not being used today and the price is too high. I can try to open it for you but the disc door is not locking fully. the player will not open. I have tried to remove the battery and remove the card, but it still wouldn't open. I have also tried to put a new battery in but it still wouldn't open. I have also tried to use a new card, I have tried to open the case with a knife, anything can help. this sony cdp-ce245 5disc cd player will not open. If it does not you can try these methods: - try to open the player with a sharp knife or tool. - try to remove thecds with a shimane or other cdr drive. - try to access the player with a joy-con or other eye viewer.